A Target – Disney Partnership?

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Disney has announced plans to add to its retail store presence with a “store-with-a-store” concept, by placing small 750 sq ft shops inside several Target Stores. The partnership was announced at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, and the shops are expected to open just in time for launch of two highly anticipated Disney movies in the Fall.

Disney plans to open 25 shops in Target stores across the U.S. on October 4. The San Jose Target is one of only two stores in the entire state of California selected for this program. The other Target store is located in Murrieta in Riverside County. The launch coincides with the release of movie products associated with Frozen 2 (release date: November 22) and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (release date: December 20).

The Disney shops will feature over 450 products promoting Marvel characters, Disney Junior, traditional Disney plush toys, apparel, and home and holiday decor. Some products had previously only been available through Disney’s retail and online stores.

An additional 40 Disney shops will be opened through October 2020, once the initial launch is complete. Additionally, a Target store is planned to open near the Walt Disney World Resort, in 2021.

“We know there’s a very strong overlap between both Disney fans and Target shoppers so we’re looking forward to reaching Disney fans when and where they want to shop,” Target CEO Brian Cornell told USA Today. “It’s an opportunity for us to bring our brands together and delight our guests for years to come.”

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